Making Your Job Easier

If you need to outsource voice-over or production services, let me know.
I can voice, edit and mix your ads or content, making your voiceover project tons easier. 

American English Accents :

US Southern, Midwestern, Sophisticated, and others. Ages: Young Adult, Adult, Middle Aged Males
FREE Audition :

Request a FREE audition Fast turnaround time. Please send a short excerpt of your copy along with specific direction.
Direct the session :

You’re encouraged to sit in or direct the session via ISDN, Skype, Zoom or phone patch. Simple edits can be done during the session, with additional post production services offered through SunSpots Productions.
Payment Terms :

Credit card or PayPal payments are due before audio delivery.
Post-Production Services :

No access to a studio? I can produce your project at SunSpots Productions recording studio near Asheville, NC. I can perform the voiceover, mix with music and sound effects, and create a polished, broadcast or web-ready audio file in the format of your choice.
Book a session :

Call Janet @ SunSpots Productions 407-656-3400. She’ll schedule your recording session ASAP.
Audio delivery :

For fastest service, record the session at your favorite ISDN studio, connecting with SunSpots Productions. Your audio can also be delivered by email, WeTransfer, Dropbox, or good ole FTP in your preferred format: AIFF, WAV, mp3 or u-LAW / A-LAW for phone systems.
Whether your project calls for voiceovers for TV commercials, radio spots, corporate voice overs or e-learning narration, it will be managed expertly and delivered promptly.
Call 407-656-3400 to set up your
FREE audition or to book a session.